Vaginal Acne, Causes and Treatment

Vaginal acne is a skin disease that is developed by changes in the skin structures that include hair follicle and the sebaceous gland. This type of acne generally appears on the neck, face, back and other parts of the body in adults as well as teenagers. Vaginal acne is more often found in the western countries during puberty.

This form of acne is also caused by the same causes that result to the normal acne. First, it appears red in color on the skin surface and then it changes into pustules and after sometimes it appears as cysts on the body. This form of acne leaves scars on the skin without proper treatment.

There are several causes of vaginal acne. They include: (1) bacteria in the skin pores which results to infections in the body. (2) excess use of anabolic steroids. (3) Excessive exposure if high level of chloride compounds. (4) Collections of dead skin cells. (5) Stress through high production levels of hormones from the adrenal glands. (5) Hyperactive sebaceous glands, (6) hormonal activities such as puberty and menstrual periods. (7) Scratching or irritation of the skin. The main causes of vaginal acne are the narrowing of the hair follicle as well as hormone driven excess production of sebum.

Signs and Symptoms

Vaginal acne is a skin problem and it is commonly triggered by whiteheads, blackheads or pimples. This type of vaginal acne generally appears on the shoulders, face and chest. Vaginal acne can be caused in various forms such as mild, moderate or severe on the skin. In most patients, there is also the occurrence of inflammation on the affected area.


There are several types of treatments that are available in the market to treat vaginal acne from the skin. Most of these medicated products are very effective to make the affected area clean, soft, healthy and smooth. These treatment products include oil removing pads, medicated soaps and astringents lotions to treat vaginal acne. Healthcare providers suggest that non-prescription topical agents such as hydrogen peroxide and salicylic acid can reduce acne from the surface of the skin.

These healing agents are also important to prevent the formation of any form of acne from the skin surface. In most cases, prescription medications that have topical agents such as benzoyl peroxide such as are recommended by dermatologists to treat vaginal acne.

These treatments include the use of drugs such as erythromycin, tetracycline and trenitoin for removing acne from the vagina. Women who are suffering from vaginal acne can as well use accutane and other birth control pills to treat this type of acne.

Herbal Remedies for Vaginal Acne Treatment

Burdock is an effective herb that is used to treat vaginal acne from the skin. To prepare this tonic solution, you will take 5 percent of benzoyl peroxide together with 5 percent of tea and mix both of them. Then apply the mixture on the affected area. Females with premenstrual acne can use acupuncture to treat this form of acne from the skin.

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